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Inventories in National Economies

Chikan, A., Kovacs, E., Matyusz, Z., Sass, M., Vakhal, P. Inventories in National Economies A Cross-Country Analysis of Macroeconomic Data Provides a deeper understanding on the formation of inventories, structural relationships, and also the long-term characteristics of national economies. Introduces a new approach in the field of macroeconomic inventory studies. Uses multivariate statistics to evaluate long-term characteristics of inventory investments in …

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Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

H. Zijm, M. Klumpp, A. Regattieri, S. Heragu (Eds.) Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management Series: Lecture Notes in Logistics Offers unique international perspectives from authors experienced in both research and industrial cooperation Applies an international textbook approach with “three-level structure” per chapter: basic, advanced, state-of-the-art Provides both an overview and a source on latest …

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