Hot off the press – 383 pages of amazing insights on the future of warehousing!

Christoph Glock and Eric Grosse (Eds.), 2024: Warehousing 5.0 – Managing the transition from techno-focused to human-value-centric intralogistics

ISBN: 979-8873704354

This new book highlights the innovative and emerging research stream of Warehousing 5.0 and offers guidance to managers aiming to improve their warehousing processes.

Key topics covered in this book include:

  • Conceptualization of Warehousing 5.0
  • Implementing human-centric management concepts in warehousing (e.g., competence requirements, ergonomics, worker safety, error avoidance, inclusion, coaching).
  • Managing human-technology interactions in warehouses (e.g., pick-by-x systems, digital assistants, chatbots, indoor positioning systems, smart boxes, exoskeletons, drones, eye tracking, AGV, AMR, service robots, RMFS).
  • Advancing sustainability and decarbonization of warehouses (e.g., social and environmental sustainability, green warehousing, smart lighting systems).
  • Achieving resilience and fostering innovation in warehouses (e.g., brownfield planning, digital twin, data compliance, startup management, additive manufacturing, urban warehouses, emerging countries).

Full list of contents and authors:

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