ISIR Best Student Paper Award – Announcing the Winner 2022

The Best Student Paper Award Committee has evaluated the submitted papers and chosen the three finalists of the BSPA competition. 

The BSPA Committee consisted of six members and was chaired by Sandra Transchel, Kühne Logistics University, Germany

Rene Haijema, Wageningen University and Research, Operations Research and Logistics Group, Netherlands
Aris Syntetos, Cardiff University, UK
Sandra Transchel, Kühne Logistics University, Germany
Maxi Udenio, KU Leuven, Research center for operations management, Belgium
Henk Zijm, University of Twente, Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems, Netherlands

From among the 4 submissions 3 finalists were selected, who presented their research on August 23, 2022 at the 21th International Symposium on Inventories.
After the session the jury decided that the Best Student Paper was presented by and therefore the Award goes to

Bram de Moor,  KU Leuven, Research center for operations management, Belgium
(Robert Boute – Stefan Creemers – Bram De Moor: Ending Truck Dominance in Supply Chains through Proactive Bundling and Modal Split Transport)

and the runner-ups were

Georgios Karakatsoulis, 
Department of Mathematics, University of Ioannina, Greece (Georgios Karakatsoulis – Konstantina Skouri: An EOQ Type Model under Different Disruption Profiles)
Yihua Wang
, Technical University of Munich, Germany (Stefan Minner – Yihua Wang: Data-driven Deep Reinforcement Learning for Demand Fulfillment in Online Retail) 

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