Special Section Call for Proposal: Inventory Research

Professor Marija Bogataj, Member of ISIR Executive Committee

Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies – MEDIFAS

Mednarodni prehod 6, Vrtojba – Šempeter pri Gorici


 ISIR Executive Committee Members are working organizing inventory related sessions under the ISIR umbrella at main international conferences of related topics. MEDIFAS members of Faculty as the active members of ISIR are working in this Inventory Research session at SOR.


ISIR is a strictly professional, nonprofit organization (The first president of ISIR was winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics Kenneth Arrow), which endeavors to provide those engaged in inventory research with an opportunity to exchange views and experiences on an international and interdisciplinary basis: to provide an appropriate and comprehensive framework for the dissemination of research results attained in the members’ country and to take an initiative in the development of research and higher education.


In the interest of realizing its objectives, the Society  maintains ties with those individuals and institutions, national and international organizations, who and which are active in conducting research in the same or a related area, organizes lectures, meetings, and conferences,    initiates and supports coordinated international research, publishes its own Newsletter, publishes results attained internationally in all related branches of knowledge.


It stems from the very nature of inventory research problems that the interest of the society extends to many related fields (from economic policy, business cycle theory, production and logistics issues just to mention a few) keeping the focus on inventories.


Therefore prospective authors are invited to submit original papers addressing topics related to inventory research, including, but not limited to:


(1) economics of inventories,

(2) production – inventory management,

(3) mathematical models of inventories,

(4) forecasting for inventories,

(5) inventories in service logistics,

(6) risk management in supply chain inventory systems,

(7) inventory and the environment, and

(8) implementation of Inventory management theories and models

in organizations.

Please note:  When submitting the paper, please, select “Special Section: Inventory research”.

Please find the full announcement here: http://sor15.fov.uni-mb.si/special-sessions/

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