Mar 27

ISIR bursary announced for young overseas (non-European) professionals

Based on the decision of the ISIR Executive Committee we are pleased to announce 3 bursaries for young professionals coming from overseas (non-European) countries to support their participation at the 18th International Symposium on Inventories. Each bursary contributes with EUR 300 to the participation.

The Symposium is to be held in Budapest, Hungary between August 18 and 22, 2014.

The criteria for eligibility:
- age under 35 years
- submission of an extended (max 3 pages) abstract
- current employment at a non-European university

If you wish to apply for this bursary, please register through the regular process at and
1) indicate in the pre-registration phase that you wish to apply for the bursary and
2) submit an extended abstract as requested.

If you have already registered, please login to your site again, where you will have an opportunity to tick the application button in the “Pre-registration” menu. Please do not forget to upload a new, extended abstract after the previous step to finalize your application for the bursary.

The deadline for application is April 15, 2014.

The decision on winning the bursary will be made before April 30 by a committee of ISIR officials. Each applicant will receive a notification.

Looking forward to receiving your application for the 2014 ISIR Symposium.

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Mar 17

Nineteenth International Working Seminar on Production Economics

February 22-26, 2016
Innsbruck – Austria

The Seminar Objective

The purpose of this seminar is to provide an opportunity for research scientists and practitioners to meet, present and develop their ideas on subjects within the field of Production Economics. Papers submitted will be distributed to all participants in advance. A discussant will be appointed for each paper. The intention is, that models and methods presented, and the discussion of them, will result in concrete ideas for future research and developments in this area. Participants of the Seminar are expected to act as discussants within their field of expertise.

Production Economics

focusses on scientific topics treating the interface between engineering and economics/management. The subject is interdisciplinary in nature. The ultimate objective is to create and develop knowledge for improving industrial practice and to strengthen the theoretical base necessary for supporting sound decision making. Tracing economic and financial consequences in the analysis of the problem and solution reported, belongs to the central theme.

Call for abstracts

Participants, who wish to present papers, are requested to send an abstract not exceeding 250 words (in Word format), to the Programme Committee by November 1, 2015 at the latest (by email to The conference language is English. Acceptance of abstracts will be notified to authors by ca December 1, 2015. The number of participants will be limited.
The Seminar is a Working Seminar intending to provide ample opportunities for interaction between Authors, Discussants and Audience. Participants are therefore recommended to join the sessions of the seminar for at least three of the four days.
Full papers should be submitted by January 10, 2016, in order to be included in the Pre-Prints.
Papers presented will be reviewed after the seminar. Accepted papers will be printed in a proceedings issue of the International Journal of Production Economics by Elsevier.
By submitting an abstract authors implicitly agree to have their paper published in the Seminar Proceedings, which means that their paper has not been published nor is intended to be published elsewhere.

Seminar location

Congress Innsbruck GmbH, Rennweg 3, A-6020 Innsbruck. Phone: +43 512 5756-00, fax: +43 512 57 56-07

Seminar sessions

The seminar will be held in Congress Innsbruck beginning Tuesday and ending Friday in morning sessions 8.00-11.30 am and evening sessions (except Friday) 7.00-9.15 pm. Afternoons will be free for other activities. Busses will be available for participants going to skiing areas.

Reception and Registration

A reception will be held on Monday, February 22, 2016, beginning at 6 pm in Kristall Foyer, Congress Innsbruck. Registration takes place prior to the reception.
Internet access
Internet is accessible in the Congress Hall by wireless connection.

Organisation Committee

R. W. Grubbström, Linköping Institute of Technology, H. H. Hinterhuber, Universität Innsbruck, J. Lundquist, Linköping Institute of Technology

Official mailing address and Web site

Organisation Committee, Att: Prof. Dr Hans H. Hinterhuber, Falkstrasse 16, A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria.
e-mail addresses:,,
web site:

Social Programme

A Social Programme for participants and their accompanying family members will be arranged, preliminarily including a Tyrolean dinner, a ski race, a visit to Swarovski Crystal Worlds, the new ski jump, the new Nordpark Cable Railway, and several other activities.

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Mar 07

ISIR Session at ASSA meeting 2015

The International Society for Inventory Research (ISIR) sponsors a session each year at the ASSA meetings. The 2015 meetings will be held in Boston, Massachusetts on January 3-January 5. This year the session is being organized by Thomas Lubik of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.

The ISIR encompasses research not just on inventories but also on related areas such as plant and equipment investment, or inventory-theoretic approaches to other areas of economics, including money and liquidity. Because your research has overlapped with these areas, we hope you will be interested in participating in the ISIR session next January. If you have (or expect to have) a paper that would be suitable for the session, please send an abstract or a draft of the paper by May 24, 2014 to Thomas Lubik at

Electronic submission is preferred, but you may also send a hard copy to

Thomas Lubik
Research Department
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
PO Box 27622
Richmond, VA 23261

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