BOOK LAUNCH: Intermittent Demand Forecasting

John Boylan and Aris Syntetos have written a book on Intermittent Demand Forecasting, which will be available in print or as an e-book from June 2021 onwards.   

The context of the book is inventory management. There are chapters devoted to inventory policies and measures of inventory service that are appropriate to intermittence. A wide range of forecasting methods are covered, as well as the notorious problem of measuring forecasting accuracy for intermittent demand. 

Cutting down on economic and environmental waste. 

The book also discusses software applications and has a companion website, with pointers to empirical demand datasets, and links to open-source packages.  

The authors hope that this book will stimulate further interest in strengthening the links between forecasting and inventory management and will serve as a useful reference book for students and those embarking on research in this field.    

Available June 2021 Europe, July 2021 USA, August 2021 rest of the world 

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