CALL for Special Sessions – 21st International Symposium on Inventories

The International Society for Inventory Research (ISIR) organizes its 21st International Symposium on Inventories, the only scholarly forum in the world focusing directly on inventories in Budapest, Hungary between August 24 and 28 in 2020.

The professional objective of organizing this event is to provide a forum for an international exchange of ideas on various aspects of inventories and related areas.

The main streams of the symposium are organized around the new six sections of ISIR:

  • Economics of Inventory and Production
  • Analytics and Forecasting for Inventory Control
  • Interfaces of Inventory with Transportation, Production, Finance and Marketing
  • Inventory coordination in supply chains (includes multi-echelon)
  • Spare Parts Management and Maintenance Optimization
  • Sustainable Inventory Management (includes perishables)

Besides the regular paper presentations we plan to have new special sessions, roundtables and free discussions.

(Please note that the structure of the sections has been remodelled (the scope has been extended) according to the resolution of the ISIR General Assembly.)
Those, who wish to propose or organize a special session, are kindly invited to contact the Secretariat ( with a proposal before December 16, 2019 through this form at .

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