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22nd European Modeling & Simulation Symposium (Simulation in Industry)

The European Modeling and Simulation Symposium is one of the most important Simulation Appointment in Europe. As tradition the conference focuses on Modeling & Simulation in Industry taking into consideration both applications and theoretical approaches. The conference proposes a multi-sides perspective to Modeling & Simulation environment.

The International Conference on Harbor, Maritime & Multimodal Logistics Modelling and Simulation

October 13-15, 2010; Fes – Morocco
The HMS Workshop concentrates on applications of simulation and computer technologies to logistics, supply chain management, multimodal transportation, maritime environment and industrial logistics.

The national Conference on Modeling and Applied Simulation

October 13-15, 2010; Fes – Morocco

The MAS Conference concentrates on applied Modeling & simulation (M&S) and computer technologies; application fields include logistics, supply chain management, production control, business and industrial organization.

ISIR Session at the ASSA Meetings

The International Society for Inventory Research (ISIR) sponsors a session each year at the ASSA Meetings in January. Historically, these sessions have focused exclusively on the topic of inventories. At next year?s session, however, the focus will be expanded to include the related topics of business fixed investment and business cycles.

Sixteenth International Working Seminar on Production Economics

Sixteenth International Working Seminar on Production Economics
Innsbruck, Austria, March 1-5, 2010

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